Success Stories


"I went to Dr. Tim to get some relief from my chronic pain that's been going on for 10 years and....He Fixed Me....I had seen 7 or 8 Dr.'s over the years and they never reached the core of my problem like Dr. Tim.  I am mobil again and I thank Dr. Tim."

-J.Koca (San Diego, CA)


I appreciate the time you spend working on me and the excellent results I have achieved.  Over the years, I have been to many Chiropractors but none have taken the time and gone to the extreme you have.  I usually get the adjustment and am set on my way.  You have spent a lot of time working on me everytime I have come in and the deep massage and muscle work has worked wonders.  Your philosophy of treating patients with A.R.T. is cutting edge.  Coming to see you is well worth the 45 minute drive."

-R. Walsh (Alpine, CA)


"Tim has changed my mind about Chiropractic work! I've been skeptical of the effect and have had the bad experience of going to a previous chiropractor who spent less than 5 minutes with me and walking out of the office feeling just the same, thinking why I wasted my time and money.  Not with Tim at TQ Chiropractic.  He actually spents time stretching, adjusting, releasing tension, working out the muscles, and I actually do feel better when I walk out.  And the feeling lasts!  While he uses some machinery, a lot of it is himself.  He puts effort into making sure your areas of concern are relieved."

-M. Mahfoozi (La Jolla, CA)


I've been receiving Chiropractic care and massages for the past 10 years, and yet every day I would wake up with a stiff neck and back.  Since I started seeing Tim, 4 months ago, I feel like a new person.  He is excellent at diagnosing and adjusting problem areas in my body, and his massages are incredible.  Never have I received a deeper more thorough massage.  On top of all of this, Tim and Q are downright good people, who both have a genuine interest in my health and well being.

-B. Rountree (San Diego, CA)


I've been to a lot of chiropractors over the years, some good, some not so good, but Dr. Tim Nguyentu is in a class of his own.  He does all the usual manipulations, but that's just where it begins.  He uses a wide assortment of treatments especially customized for each patient.  His hands find the problems immediately, and using a variety of traction procedures, mainpulations, deep muscle massages, and the latest in sonic and electrical muscle stimulators.  He is a genius at reducing the pain and getting things back to where they were meant to be.  To top things off, he'll teach you stretching exercises to keep yourself in tune.  When you add his wonderfully cheerful and caring personality, you're got the entire package! Simply stated, he's the best I've ever seen.

- E. Riehl (La Jolla, CA)


First of all I wanted to say thank you for being such a Great Doctor.  I had a very sore neck and shoulders.  I was under a lot of stress and suffered from pain.  Dr. Tim has been a tremendous help for me.  Since I started to go to Dr. Tim's office, all aspects of my life have improved.  My energy level has certainly increased.  Dr. Tim is truly committed to his patients' well being and listens when concerns are shared and offers guidance and explanations.  I recommend Dr. Tim because he's a wonderful healer and educator.  Thank you!

- D. Nguyen (Santee, CA)


Thank you so much for all your help with my back and shoulder pains.  You have the magic touch.  I really appreciate your and Q's kindness and assistance in helping me feel a lot better.  See you soon.

- C. Calderon (Pacific Beach, CA)


I have gone to a Chiropractor for over 20 years because of pain in my neck and shoulder. Dr. Tim is the best I have ever had to treat me. He has also helped me with my migranes and other problems that have come up along the way.  Dr. Tim is the best and I would recommend him to everyone I known.

- B. Saugey (Pacific Beach, CA)